Why Tenable and Bacon Unlimited are the Ultimate Duo for CVE Management and Remediation

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Why Tenable and Bacon Unlimited are the Ultimate Duo for CVE Management and Remediation

Why Tenable and Bacon Unlimited are the Ultimate Duo for CVE Management and Remediation 2240 1260 Dave Adekoya / Senior Engineer

In today’s cybersecurity landscape, staying ahead of vulnerabilities is crucial. Tenable and Bacon Unlimited® offer a comprehensive solution for CVE management and remediation. Here’s why Tenable excels in CVE detection and alerting, and why Bacon Unlimited is the best for quick and effective remediation.

Tenable: The Leader in CVE Detection and Alerting

Comprehensive Coverage

Tenable has maintained its lead in overall unique CVE coverage for more than 20 years. With 2.7 percent to 5.7 percent more coverage than its competitors, Tenable ensures that your systems are protected across Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. The platform covers 84 percent of CIS Benchmarks, significantly higher than other products.

Fast Response Times

Tenable provides coverage for CISA Critical Known Exploitable Vulnerabilities (KEVs) 15.6 days faster than Rapid7 and 2.9 days faster than its closest competitors. This rapid response time is critical in mitigating risks before they can be exploited.

Extensive CVE Database

Tenable maintains a comprehensive list of CVEs and their affected products, along with related plugins for detecting each vulnerability. This extensive database includes 5,506 additional unique CVEs for the top 24 leading technology vendors compared to its closest VM competitor.

Enhanced Detection Capabilities

Tenable’s intuitive dashboard visualizations and easy-to-understand risk scores help security teams prioritize which risks to address first. The KEV catalog from CISA lists known vulnerabilities that have been exploited, allowing for more targeted and effective remediation efforts.

Cutting-Edge Innovation

In August 2023, Tenable introduced generative AI capabilities in Tenable One with ExposureAI, which helps summarize the significance of discovered vulnerabilities and recommends fixes. The October 2023 acquisition of Ermetic further enhances Tenable’s platform by incorporating CIEM and CNAPP functionalities for both on-premises and cloud environments.

Bacon Unlimited: Your Ultimate Remediation Partner

Instant Vulnerability Remediation

With Bacon, security threats can be resolved in less than a minute, drastically reducing exposure to cyber attacks. This feature is essential for maintaining a strong security posture in today’s fast-paced digital environment.

End-to-End Capability

From detection to remediation, Bacon Unlimited offers a seamless flow that leaves no gaps in your security posture. Our integrated approach ensures that all vulnerabilities are addressed comprehensively and efficiently.

Scalability and Ease of Use

No matter the size of your organization, Bacon Unlimited’s intuitive platform scales effortlessly to meet your needs. Our solution is designed to grow with your business, providing robust protection as your infrastructure expands.

Compliance with Ease

Keeping track of all activities with our detailed history tables makes compliance reporting and audits a breeze. Our platform provides a clear record of all actions taken, simplifying the process of demonstrating compliance with industry standards.

The Synergy of Tenable and Bacon Unlimited

The partnership between Tenable and Bacon Unlimited offers unparalleled benefits:

  • Advanced Risk Prioritization: Tenable’s risk prioritization algorithms, combined with Bacon Unlimited’s rapid remediation capabilities, ensure that high-risk vulnerabilities are addressed promptly and effectively.
  • Comprehensive Asset Visibility: Integrations with popular asset management tools allow both platforms to provide a holistic view of your attack surface, reducing the risk of overlooking critical assets.
  • Unified Exposure Management: By bringing together device vulnerability scanners, attack surface management, cloud platforms, and more, Tenable and Bacon Unlimited offer a comprehensive approach to exposure management.
  • Visual Insights: Tenable’s Attack Path Analysis and Bacon Unlimited’s visual tools provide clear depictions of exposure chains and relationships, enabling informed decision-making.
  • Machine Learning-Driven Insights: Tenable’s ongoing research and development in machine learning ensures accurate identification of unusual configurations, while Bacon Unlimited’s intuitive interface makes managing these insights straightforward.

Together, Tenable and Bacon Unlimited provide a powerful solution for detecting, alerting, and remediating CVEs. Trust us to enhance your cybersecurity posture and protect your organization from emerging threats.