Staying Ahead in IT

Bacon Unlimited is revolutionizing IT operations by shifting from traditional imaging to dynamic Infrastructure as Code (IaC), and more.
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Staying Ahead in IT

Staying Ahead in IT 1000 385 John Marcato / CTO

Bacon Unlimited®’s Journey from Traditional Imaging to Dynamic IaC


In a fast-paced IT world where agility and adaptability are critical, traditional imaging is becoming an obsolete tool in the IT Operations toolkit. The fast-changing world of system and software updates and the evolving needs of corporate computer users necessitate a more robust solution. Enter Infrastructure as Code (IaC). In this case study, we’ll explore the inherent challenges of imaging, the unparalleled benefits of IaC, and how Bacon Unlimited empowers IT operations with its state-of-the-art IaC solution.

The Problem with Traditional Imaging

Staleness: Consider the transition periods between updates. IT teams using traditional images face challenges as they must rebuild the image entirely or do considerable manual patching and fixing after each image deployment.

Size and Transferability: Large image sizes can be cumbersome, making storage and transfer a hassle. Akin to downloading an entire movie instead of streaming it.

Inflexibility: As with staleness, any minor tweak in configuration could mean starting from scratch with a new image. Adapting an image to new requirements can be as tedious as reinstalling an entire OS just to make one minor change.

Lack of Transparency: Without proper documentation, understanding the content of an image can be a daunting task. Is that software package on there?

The Power of Infrastructure as Code (IaC): 

Agility: Think about how companies like Amazon deploy updates. Using IaC, they can release hundreds of features daily, highlighting the agility IaC brings. Unlike static images, IaC is dynamic. When a software update rolls out, or there’s a need for new software, there’s no need to start from zero. Incremental changes can be made swiftly.

Easy Customization: Tailoring configurations to specific departments or individual users becomes a walk in the park. IaC is like modular software updates—add, modify, or remove components as needed without overhauling the entire system.

Elimination of Repetitive Tasks: IaC is built with automation in mind, ensuring that high-value IT personnel aren’t wasting time on mundane tasks.

Say Goodbye to Golden Images: The essence of IaC is adaptability. Just as software has moved from monolithic to microservices architectures, infrastructure now enjoys the same flexibility.

Why Bacon Unlimited Stands Out: 

Quick and Automated Customization: We understand the value of your time. With Bacon, you can make swift, automated changes without spending countless hours crafting the perfect golden image.

Always Up to Date: Small, incremental tweaks are all you need. With IaC, your systems always remain updated.

Dynamic Grouping: Devices can self-add to dynamic groups. For instance, a computer that matches specific criteria (e.g., A Windows Server running Microsoft SQL Server) gets placed into the “Database Servers” group. Then, automation happens to the group.

Auto-Configuration: Bacon’s intuitive GUI permits automatic grouping of machines based on user-set parameters. For instance, a fresh-out-the-factory device might lack company tools like antivirus software, Office applications, or OS firewall configurations. Bacon detects this and configures the device accordingly.

Endpoint Management Visibility: Our agent provides comprehensive details about a device, such as installed applications, OEM serial number, disk space, memory, and more.

User-Friendly: If you’ve been impressed by the success stories of tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible, or SALT, then you’ll love Bacon. While traditional IaC tools have presented challenges in the past, we’ve prioritized user-friendliness and efficiency.

The world of IT Operations is evolving, and the tools used need to keep pace. Traditional imaging had its place in the sun – the future belongs to Infrastructure as Code. With unmatched agility, customization, and the power of automation, IaC is the way forward. With Bacon Unlimited fully adopting this capability, the journey toward a more efficient IT world becomes not only possible but also real.