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de·vice     /dəˈvīs/     noun

  1. A device is any lightweight, easily portable, electronic, consumer-grade device—such as a phone or tablet—that runs a mobile-device operating system. For Bacon Unlimited®, it refers to any iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.
  2. An unprecedented leap in computing technology that is small enough to fit in my pocket, but still very annoying to type on.

end·point     (/ˈen(d)point/)     noun

  1. An endpoint is any general-purpose server, computer, workstation, or laptop, that runs a Windows, Linux, or macOS operating system.
  2. The moment when all the cooking is done, your plate is empty, and you’re about to eat the last strip of Bacon while shedding a single tear. “Bonne chance mon ami. C’est le point final.”

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