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Securing the Future

Securing the Future: How Bacon Unlimited Reinvents Endpoint Security Management   In the realm of IT operations, ensuring the security of endpoints is a never-ending battle. As cyber threats evolve, the need for comprehensive endpoint management solutions becomes increasingly apparent. While many tools are available, not all can promptly address the pressing issue of security vulnerabilities. In this report, we’ll explore the challenges faced by IT operations in managing endpoint security and introduce Bacon Unlimited as the ultimate solution to complement standard security solutions like AV and EDR. Introduction: The Imperative of Endpoint Security In today’s digital landscape, IT operations have the monumental responsibility of securing an organization’s endpoints. The sophistication of cyberattacks means that vulnerabilities can be exploited rapidly,…

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Staying Ahead in IT

Bacon Unlimited’s Journey from Traditional Imaging to Dynamic IaC   In a fast-paced IT world where agility and adaptability are critical, traditional imaging is becoming an obsolete tool in the IT Operations toolkit. The fast-changing world of system and software updates and the evolving needs of corporate computer users necessitate a more robust solution. Enter Infrastructure as Code (IaC). In this case study, we’ll explore the inherent challenges of imaging, the unparalleled benefits of IaC, and how Bacon Unlimited empowers IT operations with its state-of-the-art IaC solution. The Problem with Traditional Imaging Staleness: Consider the transition periods between updates. IT teams using traditional images face challenges as they must rebuild the image entirely or do considerable manual patching and fixing…

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